ARXX – Moments At A Time – Audio

The English new wave duo ARXX released the LP Daughters Of Daughters today.



Minding of the sound of Slaughter And The Dogs mixed with the vexatious contempt of Pauline Murray from Penetration how could I not recommend spending the twenty-five’ish minutes with the six track album (available on bandcamp).

I often hear that music is a dirge because folks are no longer interested in anything outside the easy life to riches landing on their plate – I am always immediately brought back to the reality of my existence of a daily overflowing email inbox of musicians creating new music without the axis of the facile empire of the major labels and trite award shows – to evidence that those of such thought are probably drawing their well of noise consumption from the bland wallpaper paste of ‘radio friendly’ template dross, whilst being completely oblivious to the fact there is a far more important and thriving music mine of creative music around the globe.

My pick of the LP being opener – Moments At A Time.

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  1. Also a tiny bit of Savages in there. Love it.

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