Art Block

Art Block is an alt-folk singer song writer from London in England.

Art Block - alt-folk from England

Art Block

One man and one acoustic guitar, with the occasional dash of additional instruments and percussion creates prophetic tracks in the guise of Art Block. It is the synergy between vocal, lyric and composition which marks out the sounds that consider the intangible. There is an emotionally charged evisceration within the music, that scores deep into the mind of the listener. As evidence that in the right hands a flow of notes and voice can connect those who are intrinsically disconnected Art Block is a fine example.

Demanding of the audiences’ attention, the music doesn’t just lay quietly in the bye-way, rather grabbing hold of fleeting passing ears and forcing focus. Given the sparse garb, that is a testament to the emotive context and no matter where the brain may have been headed, it becomes transfixed by the sounds.

A top-notch singer-songwriter who is able to emote vocally the context of the lyric, whilst creating a frame-work in which the overall delivery becomes one and the same, I wish Art Block every success.

Inevitably, we all have  contexts that work particularly well on an individual level and my choice is one that reminds me of the vocals of Siouxsie Sioux and is replete with additional backing, whilst this is atypical of the context of the music. Therefore a couple of tracks, rather than the usual one, follow…

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