Aqua Cherry – Bleachin – Single Review

The US reggae quintet Aqua Cherry release the single Bleachin tomorrow.

Aqua Cherry - Photo Credit - Kali Mon Mon

Aqua Cherry – Photo Credit – Kali Mon Mon

There is a natural rhythm to reggae that has a primordial connection with audiences around the globe, there are a few styles which too have this effect, regardless of the genre of music the listener more normally enjoys, yet far too many reggae influenced bands still think that by messing around with the earthiness they have come up with something better – far from it – they have destroyed what was peerless.

With fortune Aqua Cherry do not display any of those bad traits in their back-catalogue – nor – more relevantly – in the new song Bleachin. Turn up the bass and  allow the uptempo dancehall style of the single to wash through your body and mind – a three minutes and nineteen seconds mood lifting therapy all of its own.

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