Apparitions Of Myself – Super High – Video

Apparitions Of Myself is the psychedelia project of Justin Eyster from the USA.

Apparitions Of Myself - Tripping With The Lights Off - artwork

Apparitions Of Myself – Tripping With The Lights Off – artwork

On the 10th the LP Tripping With The Lights Off (available on bandcamp) saw the light of day.

An approximately seventeen minutes, six track release which spirals though the room in a kaleidoscopic coating of hued fluorescence which takes the listener on a journey that entices the mind to loose to track of time. Although each composition is harnessed in duration, the spaciousness within the pieces leaves the listener with the feeling that the second hand lays in suspended animation as the hypnotics of the layered textures drift through the cortex.

The second song on the LP is Super High.

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