Apes from Ballarat in Australia is the alt-rock quartet of Ben Dowd (Vocals / Guitar), James Toohey (Guitar / Vocals), Sam Reale (Bass / Vocals) and Rowan M.T (Drums).

Apes - alt-rock from Australia


The two guitars enable Apes to take garage rock on a melodious ride, while still retaining the scratchy grit, leaving the listener in sublime humour. The music immediately impresses for its inclusiveness and quality of composition, of equal import the quartet is able to take the concept and deliver an aural feast of joy.

A rumbustious percussion beats its way into the synapses, whilst a fulminating bass rumbles around the walls as the guitars score the story-line as a vocal whirls its way around the ears and the end result is music you just want to turn up louder.

Whilst creating tracks which have a user friendliness to them, at a more basal level there is a rawness, which brings the pieces alive. With a strong presence in the local environment they are gaining wider appeal – and a UK tour which begins on the 1st October, should see Apes expand their reach exponentially.


Pull the Trigger – Single – APES is available on iTunes*

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