Antler House – Land Legs – Audio

The US algorithmic-rock trio Antler House released the LP Across The Waves on the 30th of April.

Antler House

Antler House

From the seven track album the fifth, Land Legs, explores their algebraic compositions, which nestle like brackets inside braces espousing of formulations of ζs and θs, yet despite the almost incomprehensible theorems don’t leave the listener confused, rather engaged with the intricate weave of confabulations.

Antler House are able to tip-toe across the divide of falling into incomprehensibility and attraction whilst gaily pirouetting on the razor-blade and finds the audience fascinated by the deft manoeuvres, much like watching a Rubik’s Cube being completed blind-folded, such is the faith in the knowledge, yet, to their testament not coming across as over rehearsed gibberish.

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