Annie Bea feat. da7 – Luxury Kills – Video

The collaboration of the English creators Annie Bea and da7 release the two track rockabilly single Luxury Kills on the 20th.

Annie Bea feat. da7 - Luxury Kills - artwork

Annie Bea feat. da7 – Luxury Kills – artwork

Both sets of creators step out of their normal fare in Luxury Kills – which despite its scathing message is a song for the 99% to demonstrate that no matter how hard the 1% seek to grind out life-blood – there is plenty to enjoy if only you set yourself free and stop being tethered to the millstone, pursuing an irrelevance that only serves to divide rather than combine.

The doo-wop grabs the listener by the ankles and launches them to the dance floor in a lightly textured joyful moment of zoot-suit and quiffs.

Annie Bea website

Double Agent 7 website

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