Anna Rose – Under Your Skin – Audio

The US Blues-rock project Anna Rose released the LP Strays In The Cut on the 17th.

Anna Rose

Anna Rose

Firmly centred around Anna Rose and with her grasp of the rasping the band is able to provide the audience with compositions that minds of being licked clean by a cat as the bristling filliform papillea caress the ears.  The mellifluous back-bows of the quintet stride confidently around the room as the subsumed guitars blend with the percussion, providing a comforting paw, whilst bass is given room to express the contextualisation of the music as the vocal is given prominence.

Anna Rose is a project where the sum of the parts provide far greater impact than each as an individual element could possibly contribute as one missing link, would discover a toppling unbalanced four legged stool.

From the album – the fourth of the six tracks Under Your Skin.


Strays In the Cut – EP – Anna Rose is available on iTunes.*

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