Anna Meredith – Taken – Audio

Anna Meredith is an avant-garde creator from Scotland with an LP Varmints due for release on the 4th of March.

Anna Meredith - Varmints - artwork

Anna Meredith – Varmints – artwork

Working alongside various other musicians to create compositions that invest themselves in electronics whilst simultaneously reflective of the classics Anna Meredith refreshes each iteration with new ideas. The latest of which, Taken, is the second of the eleven tracks on Varmints.

A tightly coiled hyperbolic loop springs into the room to be joined by a calmly paced vocal which sits as a parabola, before being joined by a building munificence of wind, key and stringed instruments which feed through synthesisers within a just under five minute track that builds pace and intensity until such point as the introductory loop becomes the lagging element in Taken.


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