Animali from Lyon in France is the psychedelic quintet of Julien Jussey (Vocals / Keys), Benjamin Rishardier (Guitar), Sylvian Hernandez (Guitar), Hadriend Santos Dasilva (Drums) and Nicolas Mieral (Bass).

Animali - Psychedelia from France


Weaving across the room like an ’80s space-invaders arcade game the music is enhanced by the addition of the electronic keyboard which gives it a granular texture. Intriguingly Animali from time to time introduce acoustic guitar to the mix and this lifts the sounds to a new dimension entirely.

The washes of sounds have the warming touch of the days when televisions had valves to warm up before a grainy black and white image appeared, this is retro without being of irrelevance to the here and now as Animali explore the largesse of psychedelia without ever becoming self-indulgent. The quintet is equally able to hurry up the tempo with energetic bounding refrains, which remind of the dreams many have of being able to fly, vast distances covered, extending in a leap that exceeds the boundaries of physics.

Formed in 2013, Animali are keeping extremely busy on the live circuit, where they are by all accounts being well received, in addition a début four track plus one remix EP – The Spark, and Three Other Poorly-Produced Pieces of Music – EP appeared in March (which is available on iTunes*).

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