Animal Years

Animal Years from Brooklyn in the USA is the indie-rock quartet of Mike McFadden (Vocals / Guitar), Anthony Spinnato (Drums), Matthew Indellicati (Guitar) and Anthony Saladino (Bass).

Animal Years - indie-rock from the USA

Animal Years

Firmly rooted in Americana Animal Years has been able to dust down the derivative to provide a freshness which has a broader internationalism to it, with influences from both sides of the Atlantic being brought together in an easy flowing sound. The quartet play with confidence and ease that belies the band only having been together for just over a year.

Animal Years deliver music which has a pulsating percussion that keeps the tracks moving forward, whilst a slightly fuzzed guitar gives a warming texture and a rumbling bass completes the back-drop to a powerful vocal. Whilst the songs have a radio friendliness to them, which as you know is typically a big turn-off to me, the band has achieved this by not lessening the genuine feeling and there are enough dramatics and switches to retain interest for those, like me, who prefer their music to be a bit scruffy at the edges.

A début thirteen track LP – Sun Will Rise (Deluxe Edition) was released in May. There is no non-deluxe version and I get the feeling these guys have a sense of humour as there is an LP that came out in 2006 by another artist with the title Animal Years (Deluxe Edition). This ability to smile, while creating music (which extends to their videos) well worth spending time with, marks Animal Years as an out-fit I intend to stay with for some time to come.

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Sun Will Rise (Deluxe Edition) – Animal Years is available on iTunes*.

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