Animal Breakdown – Black Horse – Audio

The English emo-screamo outfit Animal Breakdown are working on the a two track side single for release imminently.

Animal Breakdown

Animal Breakdown

The past few features have been of music which is likely to polarise with some running away as fast as their legs can carry them, others settling back in the chair to take more time – with Animal Breakdown being of the same vein.

I was minded of The Fall, for no discernible reason musically rather, having had a listen to their back catalogue, limited as it is, the common link between the two being that there is no immediately evident coupling between one song and another.

Black Horse (available on bandcamp), which will be accompanied by Parting Glass with which Black Horse may or may not be musically connected when it surfaces so don’t take it as a guide to their sound rather as a piece of music I think adds to the weave of the tapestry of world music by a band I look forward to hearing much more from over time.

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