ANi GLASS – Y Ddawns – Single Review

The Welsh industrial-electronics creator ANi GLASS releases the single Y Ddawns on the 27th.



Lamenting of the destruction of Welsh manufacturing and mining industries dating back decades, built over centuries – Y Ddawns reflects of the dancing on the graves of employment and communities by global corporations and political ambitions in a track sung, appropriately, in native language.

The unstoppable walls of sound crash like a Tsunami breaching shore, destroying all before it, as the grinding forces of power come to full frontal assault. The soundtrack reminds of the machinations of the deconstructing politics of Kraftwerk in full throttle, whilst the singular vocal gives Y Ddawns an emotional reference point as the lyrics witness the transfixing imminent collapse of all around including its own breath.

Turn everything up to maximum and then find a way of boosting it louder as you watch your windows buckle as the bulging bass ploughs through the room, while mid-tones create the illusion of caresses of comfort from which the upper registers shatter the glass as the apparitional vocal provides a the finesse to a soundtrack that will have you wiping tears from your eyes at the unfolding wanton destruction.

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