Andrew Oliver

Andrew Oliver, the alt-rock solo performer from Oakville, Ontario – Canada was introduced briefly with one track at the end of last year.

Andrew Oliver - alt-rock from Canada

Andrew Oliver

I have now had the opportunity to delve a little longer into material. As you well know by now if you are a regular reader my patience is pretty well non-existent and it always fascinates me the time and care solo performers take to produce material, Andrew Oliver is of no exception.

Andrews‘ music straddles a wide path of out-put from electro-rock to acoustic-americana, yet each piece carefully measured and poured into the room like your favourite cocktail waitress formulating that obscure drink only she knows how to mix. The ears are pulled from warming wurlitzer to electronic loops via scruffy guitar, yet like that strange cocktail nothing seems out of place, with a vocal that retains recognizability.

I am fully aware what it is that really draws in my ears and it is the ever present pulsating bass lines, which is always a direct line to perk up my ears.

Andrew Oliver has taken his experience as a band member and translated that into the solo performance with a deft hand, enabling him to explore ideas that emerge from his own perspective without needing to be translated by others and it is this emotional fragility that gives the music its connectivity.

A new LP surfaced on the 15th – Lazy Bones, (available on bandcamp) which is well worth adding to the playlist – I need something warming.

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