And The Kid

And The Kid an alt-rock band from Zagreb in Croatia is Mali (Vocals / Guitar), Starki (Guitar), Mioch (Bass) and Pavle (Drums).

And The Kid - alt-rock from Croatia

And The Kid

A fascinating combination of acoustics and electric instruments form the backdrop to a spotlight on a diametric vocal, lays at the heart of And The Kind. The music floats like cumulus clouds lulling the audience into a sense of serenity, whilst a visceral lyric, also delivered like a ray of sunshine, showers the ears with reflections and perceptions of the world around.

Compositions which resonate with realities not propaganda, I always find have credibility and of particular enjoyment when approached from surprising angles, so it is of little surprise that I recommend you take a moment out of your day to consider the well worked and delivered reflective of And The Kid.

What hits the sweet-spot is that way the quartet is able to produce a sound which is so redolent of the realities of the world around, a bumptious surface is scarred by inner turmoil, reflecting on so much of what is happening on a world of PR spin.

The song-writing is top-draw and the execution is absolutely in-tune with the ’10s.


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  1. they are a fucking great band

  2. “A fascinating combination of acoustics and electric instruments form the backdrop the a spotlight on a diametric vocal lays at the heart of And The Kind”

    dont understand this sentence…

    • Acoustics and electronics lay down a mood and the vocal portrays songs with are at odds with the mood and that is what makes the sound, so powerful and is the signature style of the band.

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