Amy Gore and Her Valentines

Amy Gore and Her Valentines is Amy Gore (Vocals /Guitar), Leann Banks (Bass / Vocals), Joe Leone (Drums) and Franklin Hambone, Jr. (Lead Guitar) an alt-rock band from Detroit in the USA.

Amy Gore and Her Valentines - alt-rock from the USA

Amy Gore and Her Valentines

Taking the sounds of Americana rock and scuffing up the edges with influences of new-wave Amy Gore and Her Valentines make the music both more entertaining and more broadly interesting. By all accounts very much a band to see live, from over here in England the recorded music works just fine too.

Bass and percussion harry along big loopy guitars, like a terrier nipping at the heels, added to which distortion gives the material a far more earthy and gritty feel. Whilst Amy Gore and Her Valentines can also play rock ballads, the addition of a Hammond organ gives these moments a retro smile, avoiding them becoming slushy moments.

Not attempting to spread any big message, the band delivers sounds which leave the listener wrapped in ‘feel-good’ and given the current state of much of the world that is no bad thing.

Amy Gore and Her Valentines interact well and the audience is infused with the enthusiastic sense of fun.


In Love is available on iTunes*.

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