Allusondrugs an alt-rock band from Castleford in England is Jason Moules (Vocals), Drey Pavlovic (Guitar), Damo Hughes (Guitar / Vocals / Effects), Jemal Malki (Bass) and Connor Fisher-Atack (Drums).

Allusondrugs - psychedelia from England


The mind seems to fold into the music as Allusondrugs deliver their fluid compositions. The instrumentations merge one to another giving the resulting out-put a flow which reminds me of folding stiffened egg-whites to melted chocolate to make a Mousse: Luxuriant; Enticing and Moreish.

There is no need to reach for a kaftan as Allusondrugs sweep out of the speakers, this is not LSD enhanced, rather a herbal tea of psychedelia with roots firmly entrenched in British ’70s heavy metal with clearly delineated progressions.

The quintet, whilst each adding a distinct contribution to the songs, become as one and the ears become aware of a singularity of sound that carries the audience on the floating clouds, which, as mentioned, do not stray off the flow of the compositions. Allusondrugs have the ability to write songs which retain a core static around which the resulting music is allowed to ebb and flow.

A new LP – eponymously named is set for release on the 21st July. Having had the opportunity to hear the six track – twenty one minute release I have some confidence this will raise their profile to a far wider audience than the already vociferous following as it takes the band to a far more confident and dynamic space than previously fenced.

A single from the LP – track four- Nervous – was released on the 28th April, which marks a bridge between their earlier material and the new, however it is by far from my favourite of the forthcoming album, but what do I know?

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Nervous – Single – Allusondrugs is available on iTunes*.

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