Allegory – Shriek – Single Review

The English alt-rock trio Allegory release the single Shriek on the 20th.

Allegory - Shriek


With a lighter palette and buzzier pace than music previously featured Shriek does as it suggests – hurls itself into the room in a bluster. The track is one of those Marmite moments, as it will either gnaw the eardrums or swirl around them.

There is something almost Björk like about Shriek, though not as a pale comparator, rather a fusion of the more typical emotional melodies by the trio and a more sparring vocal. The juxtaposition of the quiet even spaces of the acoustics with the voice which chases up and down scales, pace and volume, gives the track its interest.

The fact that I am asking you to spend time with this new release confirms that I do like Marmite and I welcome this difference of presentation by Allegory and look forward to hearing more from them later in the year.

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