All The Rest – Black Plague – Single Review

All The Rest is an alt-rock quartet from the USA.

All The Rest

All The Rest

The track Black Plague was released on the 7th. The mix of dirty blues guitar and preppy pop vocal give All The Rest a space of their own in a crowded-market.

There is an inherent danger that the boy-band vocalisation and synthetically-produced harmonising over the, to me delightful, roughly chopped fraying growling menace of guitars and drum-kit teeters on the verge of turning away both potential audiences. The fact that I am suggesting you spend time in their company indicates that I think in Black Plague it works successfully; though time will tell how purposefully with additional context.

I look forward to hearing what the future discovers for the quartet and I wish them every success.


Black Plague – All the Rest is available on iTunes.*

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