Ali Ingle

Ali Ingle is a singer / songwriter from Liverpool in England.

Ali Ingle - photo by Dave Turley Photography

Ali Ingle – photo by Dave Turley Photography

When quietly ploughing a furrow of his own Ali Tingle is a musician to savour like a finely aged bottle Pétrus – sure you can guzzle it in a quaff, but to do so is to miss the point and the longer the music lingers around the ears, the more complex the sounds.

On the surface – indie-pop – but to just drift the outer-wrapping is to miss the foodstuff – as Ali Tingle provides compositions of social commentary. As long-term readers know, I will always attempt to find time to let you know of creators who excoriate their souls for the edification of others.

As you would anticipate, I find the radio friendliness of much of it a touch grating and it is of little surprise plastic DJs on plastic radio stations are whipping the current songs on to their play-lists. However, as you have a more discerning music taste than the merely simplistic, I hope, like me, you will find the time and space to explore deeper than the shiny tin-foil.

With fortune Ali will gain the confidence to extrapolate himself from the entrails of mainstream tat and concentrate on his real creativity, which is to be found deeper in the catalogue of sounds.


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