alansmithee from Livingston in Scotland is the psychedelic collective of Alan Smithee,Ryan Macpherson (bass), Andrew Burns (Guitar / Vocals), Ruaridh Macpherson (Guitar / Vocals) and Joe White (Drums).

alansmithee - psychedelia from Scotland


Imperceptibly progressing, alansmithee cloak the room in a kaleidoscope of swatches as the lo-fi production adds a further layer to the psychotropic nuances of sound.

Enveloping the senses in gauze, the muffled and muted sounds feed into the brain, leaving the listener wreathed in cathodoluminescence which sparks the mind to wander through flights of inward discovery. The audience lays transfixed by the mélange of guitars and vocal which drifts into the ears, whilst the bass and percussion take over the cardiac rhythm.

alansmithee are able to invest much within the pieces of music, whilst also delivering wide spaces for exploration, much like a Dadaist image and it is the duality of the half-defined and fuzzed sounds that provides the out-put with its fascination.

With a few years behind them now alansmithee are gaining ever greater abilities to craft the compositions, which makes them an out-fit I look forward to hearing much more of in the future and pleasingly a new single is set for imminent release.

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