Al Borde del Cinismo – Patrones Ascendentes – Audio

The Chilean psychedelic-jam quintet Al Borde del Cinismo released their début LP El Lenguaje del Inconciente on the 29th of March.

Al Borde del Cinismo

Al Borde del Cinismo

Sometimes it just helps to jump in to the morass and Al Borde del Cinismo are a group of musicians who have faith in each other as their music is created on an idea and no rehearsal merely improvisation and they merely ask the listener to do the same.

In a switch-back ride betwixt jazzy funk, psychedelic blues and merely leaving the room altogether the seventh of the dozen tracks Patrones Ascendentes discovers Al Borde del Cinismo in less sanguine moment of journey.

Contortions of spiralling thoughts are contained within this just under six and a half minute track as the band finds conflict of idea which they were still more than happy to share with their audience and for this I give them credit.

The preceding and following tracks of El Lenguaje del Inconciente find Al Borde del Cinismo in more reconciled moment with each other, however I enjoy this piece in particular as despite a lovers tiff occurring in the track one can still sense a fondness for each other.

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