Airborne Mark – The Message – Single Review

The England based Urban-Rapper and graffiti artist Airborne Mark released the single The Message on the 10th.

Airborne Mark - The Message

Airborne Mark

The graffiti of Bartosz Sczesny can be found around Central London (England) – the piece above (currently) in Camden – as can his live performance music.

The music of Airborne Mark, as with his artwork, reflects of the automation and impersonality of socio-democracy.

The Message (available on bandcamp) with its dark undertow of electronic loops is commentary of the push button life in which so many live, whilst the railing vocal weeps of lives destroyed in the pursuit of the expectations of the enslaved 99% and easy acceptance of ‘your life is to serve mine’.

Simultaneously acknowledging, with a sense of lyrical self-deprecation and ‘note to self’, as to how his own ‘graffiti’ is the acceptable face of ‘urban expression’ as dictated, tendered for and budgeted by Bureaucrats with the sole aim of making the faceless streets of control have the plasticity of appearing ‘hip’ with his only real vehicle for ‘true’ expression of individuality is not to be paid to be a street artist through the structures of acceptable rebellious streak, rather performing as a musician without strictures and it is here that Airborne Mark has the real opportunity to open his soul for examination.

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