Aidan Maizels – San Graal – Single Review

Aidan Maizels is an experimental-rock creator from Melbourne (Australia).

Aidan Maizels - Photo by reub.

Aidan Maizels – Photo by reub.

The compositions throw, what is seemingly a random variety of, electronica, instrumentation, effects and loops in to the blender which are melded in to engaging threads of music.

The most recent track to surface (which is available on bandcamp), San Graal, fuses vocoder, synth, guitars and perhaps as an even more indicative nature to the intricacies and detail of the creations, three different recording locations, to deliver a song that has a science fantasy outer space trippiness to it, which scatters through the room in darting threads of addictive articulation, that finds the listener instinctively immediately hitting replay.

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