Agi Brine – I Want It Back – Video

Agi Brine is an alt-synth trio from Poland.

Agi Brine

Agi Brine

A live version of I Want It Back was recently captured on video.

From the opening warmth of the keyboard to the closing sequencer three minutes and eleven seconds later the audience is enraptured by the combinations of electronics, drum-pad, cymbals and sympathetic vocal. Agi Brine are able to utilise the gadgetry, not to make complicated obscurity rather, to strip away to the fundamentals and deliver a sound that has a heartening earthiness that you just want to hold closely.

An EP – Fillin’ Empty Spaces is due for imminent release and well worth getting hold of as Agi Brine utilise piano and Flute in the release giving the material ever wider contact points.

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