Afrovelvet + Nate Gski – Peacocks & Pigeons – Audio

The US alt-hop creators  Afrovelvet and Nate Gski collaborated to release the three track single Not Just A Body on the 31st.

Afrovelvet and Nate Gski

Afrovelvet and Nate Gski

Delivering a message of changing a societal normality in the USA where not being White instantly results in discrimination, preconception and marginalisation.

In Not Just A Body (available on bandcampAfrovelvet + Nate Gski don’t rail in a rage, rather approach the quandary with an ethereal grace which, for its delicate feathering, leaves the listener in contemplative mood.

The opening track is Peacocks & Pigeons.

Afrovelvet website

Nate Gski social media page

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