Adrian, a rock band from Austin in the USA is centred around Adrian Conner (Guitar / Vocals).

Adrian - rock from the USA


Formerly known as Adrian And The Sickness, but recently abbreviated to Adrian the essential sounds remain as ever. A rock rooted vocal extravaganza. There is a considerable amount to be gleaned from the out-put, which has vocal delivery from the fresh rose bud to grungy leather clad, supported by sympathetic instrumental.

The pile-driving tracks shatter through the room with raking precision before furrowing into the brain, whilst the vocal peers from above like a golden eagle, spotting prey. Whilst structured the music is far from formulaic with metal references been drawn from as far and wide as Australia, the UK and the USA all funnelled into a sound which rests on the vocal, which, without fail, exceeds its requirement.

A new LP – the ten track Be Your Own Saviour is set for release on the 30th January, which is a fascinating journey though acoustic rock, no vocal interludes and focussed heavy metal.

The only sadness with the release is the band name change mid-way through the process of the release, with it coming out under the banner of Adrian, though the press material and LP cover is all under the old band name Adrian And The Sickeness. That is just a bad marketing decision and doesn’t deflect from the satisfaction of the album but will hit ongoing sales. Musically that is undeserved, though inevitable as it is a promotion disaster. I have commented on many occasions previously that bands should never do this and undoubtedly I will be commenting frequently in the future on this self same issue.


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