Acre Tarn – Lanterns – Single Review

The English dream-wave project Acre Tarn released their latest single Lanterns on the 13th.

Acre Tarn - Photo by Ben Roberts

Acre Tarn – Photo by Ben Roberts

A track that finds Acre Tarn with the ethereal combinations of electronics with which they have become associated, Lanterns flows readily into the ears of the listener as the instantly recognisable voice of Anna-Louisa Etherington surfaces into earshot.

The piece has a sense of isolated musings which become enriched and built upon by the developing pace as Lanterns progresses through its five minute evolution.

First introduced in May of last year with their first recording, This Once, the extensive use of spacious deeper tones, have been replaced with more complex intricacy in Lanterns and it will be interesting to see where Acre Tarns head next.

Lanterns – Single – Acre Tarn is available on iTunes.*

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