Acre Tarn – Clasp & Shake – EP Review

The duo of Acre Tarn – based in England released their four track EP – Clasp & Shake on the 12th.

Acre Tarn - Clasp & Shake - artwork

Acre Tarn – Clasp & Shake – artwork

Opening with This Once, which was the introduction to the band back in May, remains a strong and atmospheric track of particular pleasure.

Circles with it’s reverse recording gives the track a fracturing which is off-set by a malevolent bass line which rumbles into the ears as the piece rotates through it’s three and a half minute cycle.

Wishing Bone is a more mystical beast with hints of Indian-subcontinental promise and Icelandic fragility as Acre Tarn explore a vocal led piece of music.

Concluding with Skeleton Key, which is my pick of the release, finds the duo rounding off the sixteen minute Clasp & Shake with a sub-woofer challenging track which bends tempo and time-shifts like a reflection in a ripple on a pond.

Clasp & Shake – EP – Acre Tarn is available on iTunes*.

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