Aço Negro – Nunca Acreditei – Single Review

The Brazilian agit-rock band Aço Negro have already opened their account in 2016 with the release of a new single on the 2nd.

Aço Negro - Nunca Acreditei

Aço Negro

Nunca Acreditei is a scowling commentary on unfulfilled promises as Aço Negro deliver their signature rumbling-metal grabbing the listener by the scruff of the neck and hurling them around the room like cat scolding their kitten.

The unmistakable vocal drags itself from the depths of the throat to the accompaniment of a rugged percussion and guitar which revolves through melody to out-right condemnation. Aço Negro have the ability to unify thrashing rock with illuminating inventiveness while always driving an unwavering stake into the heart of societies ills.

As with most of their material Aço Negro are unafraid to extend the playing time with nuanced changes in pace and emphasis and Nunca Acreditei runs for almost four and a quarter minutes.

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