Abscondo from Košice in Slovakia is the alt-synth quartet of Mark Manney, Filip Kluknavský, Martin Lechman and Tibor Dragon.

Abscondo - alt-synth from Slovakia


There is a tangible warmth that soaks into the room on hitting play as Abscondo expresses human touch and connectivity in a world that is growing ever further apart with relationships increasingly becoming mere pixels on a screen.

The deep flow of synth gives the music a fullness and emotional expression around which the instruments congregate and a sympathetic  percussion glues the sound together, whilst a strangely hypnotic vocal rounds out the experience.

Releases are far and few between with the last EP having been released last year the four track Travelpics EP (which is available on bandcamp), though there are rumours of an LP waiting in the wings. Live performances also seem sparse and I do hope that both gaps are filled as the music that does exist is to be imbibed like a honey elixir.

A recent video is perhaps a precursor to renewed activity, something I certainly would like to hear as Abscondo is a band who add much to the world of music.


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