A Very Loud Death – Mary – Audio

The US isolationist-rock trio A Very Loud Death released the LP The Castration Of The Idiot on the 9th.

A Very Loud Death - photo by Mike Carthon

A Very Loud Death – photo by Mike Carthon

As though performing a kidney extrusion for transplant without anaesthetic A Very Loud Death adroitly slice the subcutaneous aside to reveal inner pulsing organs as the listener raises their head to gaze in awe at their tightly packed innards.  With nary a spill of blood the surgeons hands reach inside to extract in neat handful the transplant organ.

The dark brooding controlling menace of A Very Loud Death sears around the ears akin to a cauterisation – yet beneath the brutal clinic precision lays emotional fragility that finds the listener wiping tear from the eye.

The penultimate of the six tracks on the album (available on bandcamp)- Mary – slithers out of the speakers in writhing sigmoid interchange which finds the listener languidly chewing on their own innards with pleasured bloodied lips.


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