A Man From Jupiter – In Solitude – Video

The Danish electro-rock quartet A Man From Jupiter release their début EP Why They Name Storms After People on the 23rd of September.

A Man From Jupiter - photo by Nana Bossen Rye

A Man From Jupiter – photo by Nana Bossen Rye

From the forthcoming release – In Solitude, which was also released as a stand-alone single today is a spacious track that comments on how it is up to each person to set their own life goals rather than flocking to ideas as part of a group and how that process can leave a sense of isolated fragility.

The instrumentation reflects how actually making a stand and forming ones own ideas gives an inner feeling of sense of purpose and freedom that can be embraced rather than shied away from accepting.

In Solitude – Single – A Man From Jupiter is available on iTunes.*

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