à l’orange – At The Edge Of Things – Audio

à l’orange is a relatively new ambient-electronica project of Tim Kähler from Germany.

à l'orange

à l’orange

Although there just is only one LP to have surfaced, which came out at the end of last month (this has been in my sight for over a week now, so apologies for the delay in getting to it), the fourteen track Unexpected Days (available on bandcamp) lasts for about three quarters of an hour there is plenty to get to hear.

The material is best listened to with a glass of wine to hand whilst reclining, as the softness of sound drifts steadily around the head. The eleventh track on the album, which also happens to be the most abrasive – At The Edge Of Things, is my pick of the release with the subtle choral harmonics that float alongside the bubbling brook of electronic pulses.

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