A Lonely Crowd

A Lonely Crowd is Luke Ancell (Guitar), Scott Ancell (Drums), David Morkunas (Bass / Keys) and Xen Havales (Vocals / Flute /Percussion) a progressive rock band from Melbourne in Australia.

A Lonely Crowd - Progressive Rock from Australia

A Lonely Crowd

Melting textures extrude from the speakers as the quartet combine a standard rock line-up with additional electronics and wind instrument to deliver music which explores much territory. With a slightly experimental theatrical flavour to the sound A Lonely Crowd provides music to take the listener away from the everyday mundane to the exotic.

Whilst comprehensive there is enough approachability for philistines such as myself to find a welcoming entrance and from there to spend much time, as underlaying the flourishes sits structured rock compositions to which A Lonely Crowd add engrossing twists and turns.

A successful debut LP User Hostile was launched in 2011 and the follow-up LP the even more extravagant 13 track three quarters of an hour Transients set for release on the 1st February.  Not having had the opportunity to see the band live, where by all accounts they are a well received performance act, I would be intrigued to ascertain how the electronic weaves are delivered in a live format.

A Lonely Crowd is able to take a basic construct, add some bells and whistles, yet retain a cohesive and believable sound and for that they deserve much credit.

When the LP is made available, my advice, definitely worth spending time to get to know as the quartet take the listener on a fantastical journey of compositions.


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