A Breach Of Silence

A Breach Of Silence from Brisbane in Australia is the metal quintet of Mat Cosgrove (Guitar), Blair Layt (Bass / Vocals), Andrew Cotterell (Drums), Rhys Flannery (Vocals) and Kerrod Dablestein (Guitar).

A Breach Of Silence - Metal from Australia

A Breach Of Silence

Tearing the speakers asunder A Breach Of Silence hurtle into the room like marauding Visigoths. It is easy to cause disturbance and scream loudly, as Chris from Eclipse Records will attest to my vitriolic response to  a casual email – what marks these guys out, is their ability to hold the sound together with some smartly composed chord progressions charging around the head.

A Breach Of Silence are able to deliver impressive tempos to their songs which steep the listener in sweat and graft, whilst maintaining a balance of rapidity and listenability as the guitars add mellowed nuances to the out-put as bass and percussion hurl pole-axing blows of power. Of additional note is the vocals which can with consummate switch between bassy growl and gruff to sublimely melodic pitch perfect singing. A change of line-up to include a fifth player has enabled the band to add considerably to the quality of the music as they are now able to explore the themes of the songs in a more meaningful way.

It is these intelligent combinations that make A Breach Of Silence a band well worth getting to know. Already well supported in their native Australia it will be interesting to see if they can broach the shores of countries abroad.

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