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Chvad SB – Structure – Single Review

The US drone creator Chvad SB released the two track single Structure on the 29th of December.

Chvad SB - photo credit - Heather Bondra

Chvad SB – photo credit – Heather Bondra

The two track single (available on bandcamp) runs for roughly three quarters of an hour of immersive soundscape.

The opening track Column sits around an extended note from which half-caught inflections almost imperceptibly surface akin to, invisible to the naked eye, imperfections in glass.

Pillar, my pick of the release, is a blurry flow of frequencies which clear to reveal, again, an extended single note, circled by detuned melodics of guitar.

As is usually the case with drone – be in no hurry having hit play as Pillar lasts the better part of twenty two minutes.

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Nonconnah – When The Blackbirds Formed an Inverted Cross – Audio

The US ambient-drone outfit Nonconnah released the EP – Winter EP ’17 – on the 14th.



As suggested on the tin Winter EP ’17 (available on bandcamp) is a collection of five songs, lasting approximately twenty one minutes, which deliver a chilly blast through the room.

The glacial floe minds the listener of the sounds of creaking ice with my pick of the release being the second – When The Blackbirds Formed an Inverted Cross.


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The Corrupting Sea – Keeping Time In Hibernation – Audio

The US futurist project The Corrupting Sea released the EP Looking To The Stars on the 6th.

The Corrupting Sea

The Corrupting Sea

As part of the five in five series though Silber Media, demanding of musicians to encompass five different ideas within a five minute time frame you would be correct to assume the challenge is an ongoing endeavour.

The Corrupting Sea picked up the gauntlet and in Looking To The Stars (available on bandcamp) has been able to encapsulate from a rocket launch to encircling a distant galaxy within the parameters.

The middle track is fifty nine seconds of  Keeping Time In Hibernation.

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Chvad SB – Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 – Audio

The US experimental-music creator Chvad SB was introduced a couple of years ago.

Chvad SB - Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 - pins

Chvad SB – Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 – pins

His latest release Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 (available on bandcamp), although only a one track single is best heard when you have plenty of time to wrap yourself in the contusions as it lasts for over seventy three minutes.

Created by using feedback loops made, not by computer or human input, rather by a modular synthesiser.  Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 was a concept first considered back in 2014 and took four months to complete the recording. Despite being randomly generated loops the track has a hauntingly hypnotic organic sound.

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M Is We – Tired – Audio

The US gothic-sludge project M Is We released the EP Feels Like Five Days on the 14th.

M Is We - Tired

M Is We

Without going in to too much of a loop – longer readers of the website will know how regularly releases on Silber Media appear, those who aren’t – they do. A series of EPs going back over many years and continue to be recorded which are released by Silber under the collection 5in5 which are challenges to bands who often release tracks with time-capsules extending towards the duration of the phases of the moon to come up with five songs lasting five minutes in an EP release.

M Is We, who were introduced last year with a song that stretched towards the complete running time of the whole of this release – took part in the series with the release of Feels Like Five Days (available on bandcamp) and the second track is Tired.

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