7faz – Faza B Cz.2 – Audio

The Polish drone nonet 7faz release the three track single Faza B on the 24th.



On the bounce I find myself recommending you spend time with band consisting of nine players, each completely different in style.  7faz is an outfit I had intended to introduce on the release of Faza A, but for some reason, although there are markings on my computer that I began to write the article, I never quite got round to publishing it, for a rationale I am unable to recall.

Faza B (available on bandcamp) lasts for a margin under forty minutes – so do settle back in the chair and dim the lights. With a sense of the self-evident – Cz.2 is the second track on the single. Expect to discover more going onwards by 7faz, that I will return to in due course, as whilst the world is often better for a song lasting a whisker of time it can equally be enhanced by extended drone.

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