The Ringards – Steppenwolf – Single Review

Once again the English alt-rock band The Ringards ring up the changes to their sound with the latest track – Steppenwolf – which appeared on the 28th.

The Ringards - Steppenwolf
The Ringards

Imagine for a moment Transylvania was transported to Patagonia – and you will be in the right area for the new track.

A delicious gothic gloom is laden with the terraces of the wilderness of South America both gathered together for a sultry tango, with Steppenwolf jousting a hip writhing beat as the listener submits to the lead of the black-leather clad, high stilettos dominance of the sensuousness of the bass / vocal combinations.

Probably best heard whilst bound and slicked in body oil with a gyrating partner to fully appreciate – though as the track lasts only a margin over two and a half minutes – think of it as a scene setter and not a timer.

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Libby Tisler – Paper Heart – Single Review

Surfacing from New Orleans (USA) is the acoustic-emo creator Libby Tisler who released the single Paper Heart yesterday.

Libby Tisler
Libby Tisler

An approaching four and a half minutes track of sadcore-folk which adds Shawn Garrity who provides, amongst other things, a heart rending slide-guitar which enhances the mood music.

Sometimes a pudgy fingered mix creates a track of unintended consequence and this is case in point as from the constituent elements and starting point of country-folk Paper Heart has become an acoustic-emo song with the vocal thrust in to a lanky-spotlight giving the song a scrawling loci in to which the listener finds themselves absorbed by the seemingly abstractionist positioning, yet, is able to add emotive context to the lyric.


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Jan Braathen – Let’s Cross Another Borderline – Audio

The sadcore creator Jan Braathen, from Oslo (Norway), releases the LP
In The Shadow Of The Fourth Dimension on the 10th of January 2019.

Jan Braathen
Jan Braathen

A thirteen track album, available through Nobel Records, which stretches through a series of guitar based dour ballads in which various guest instrumentalists and vocalists join to give each track a distinctive texture.

Not an LP to bring out at a wedding celebration but most certainly one to accompany more pensive moments where the music accompanies as a reminder although one may be solitary one is not alone.

Having reflected on the isolated moments in the LP, my pick of the release – the eight track – Let’s Cross Another Borderline – is inevitably the most upbeat and inclusive on the release.


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Bendik Giske – Adjust – Audio

The experimental saxophonist Bendik Giske, from Berlin (Germany), releases the LP Surrender on the 25th of January 2019.

Bendik Giske
Bendik Giske

Tuck away any learned studies on the art of musical structure which may be to hand prior to going anywhere near the eight track album (available on bandcamp) as Bendick Giske explores both the physical and metaphysical boundaries of the interrelationships between sound, mind and body.

The second track – Adjust (lasting for a tad under six and two thirds minutes) takes the listener on an outer-body experience to closely examine the layers of ones own dermis.


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Peace On Earth – Shoulder – Single Review

Within the past ten hours the skelter-wave trio of Axel (Vocals / Guitar), Samuel (Bass) and William (Drums) from Gothenberg (Sweden). who form the band Peace On Earth – last featured almost a year ago revealed the track Shoulder.

Peace On Earth - Shoulder
Peace On Earth

Taking elements from their earlier material Shoulder has a more shimmered dreamy context to much of the previous songs as bending guitar flows within the persistency of the drum which marries rims, tight snare and loosened bass-kick giving the song its warming constitution.

Vocal and synthetics melt in to richly textured harmonics while bass ebbs and flows, akin to a strobing illumination from a lighthouse, affording Shoulder its pulsing texture.

All of which meld in to a track which washes through the room filling it with a shimmering ambient glow.

Shoulder (feat. Viktor Sandström) – Single – Peace On Earth is available on iTunes.*

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