The Chocolate Watchband – This Is My Voice – Audio

On the 22nd of February 2019 the trippy-garage quintet of 
David Aguilar (Lead Vocals / Harmonica / Keyboards / Percussion), 
Gary Andrijasevich (Drums / Vocals), Tim Abbott (Lead Guitar / Electric Sitar / Harmonica /keyboards / Vocals), Derek See (Rhythm Guitar / Twelve String Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals) and Alec Palao (Bass / Vocals) from San Jose (USA) who form The Chocolate Watchband will release the LP This Is My Voice.

The Chocolate Watchband

The Chocolate Watchband

The eclectic range of instrumentation and variety of voices to hand enable the quintet to deliver music of both varied weave and texturing, though they never dig in to the toolbox in an attempt to add frippery, rather keep the music well rooted in raw garage freshness.

The eleven track album (available on bandcamp) invites the listener to slough off the trials and tribulations of the day and join them robed in a tie-dyed kaftan.

The third and title track on the LP is the tripped out and sitar laden This Is My Voice.


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Protovulcan – The Force Remains The Same – Audio

Surfacing from Chicago (USA) the trio of Nicholas Ammerman (Guitar), Deric Criss (Drums) and Will MacLean (Moog Bass / Wurlitzer / Vocoder) are the dystopian-rock band Protovulcan who on the 25th of January 2019 will be releasing the double LP Life Is Twigs / Psychic Pinball.


Three years since their last LP, Stakes is Low (available on bandcamp), their return is more than welcome.

The first track to surface from the release – The Force Remains the Same – is marked by a darkness that rumbles through the room in which extensive use of delay pedal gives the music its irrepressible oppressive presence, laying all ground to dust in its wake.

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Beans on Toast – Magic – Video

It has been just over a year since the English protest-folk project of Jay McAllisterBeans On Toast – last featured. On the 1st the latest LP A Bird In The Hand was released.

Beans on Toast - Magic
Beans On Toast

As has proven to be the case with each of the previous nine albums, all of which have had a release date of the 1st of December, the tracks revolve around both personal experiences while cognisant of a wider world.

A Bird In The Hand (available on vinyl directly from the Beans On Toast website) is as much a celebration of the birth of a child as it is a reflection of the supporting structures outside the immediate family – with each of the ten tracks being both upbeat while simultaneously scathing of a society in which the silo has become the norm.

Although I am unable to share my pick of the release – Here At Homerton Hospital – the fourth track, the third track – Magic which I am, serves as fine introduction.

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Kids At Midnight – By Your Side – Audio

The synthwave creator Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Melbourne (Australia) who performs as Kids At Midnight is preparing for the release of the début LP early next year.

Kids At Midnight
Kids At Midnight

Somewhat reminiscent of mid ’90s club electrosynth the newest track By Your Side, which was released as a stand alone single on the 30th of November, adds a luxurious blanket of soft felt that wraps around the listener with the subsumed soundtrack, as though suspended on fine silk borne by a soft breeze, melting even the most fractious moment in to one of gentle teasing.

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WARNING – the social media page links to Facebook which is perfectly fine to use.

The link to a website on the Facebook and the Soundcloud artist pages to a website both link to a site that has been hacked – do not click the link to the website for the band name page. I have alerted the Kids At Midnight representative and if this message warning message is removed from this location then the issue will have been resolved.

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The Montreals – Rude – Single Review

Stefan (Vocals / Guitar), Angus (Vocals / Guitar), Lachy Billows (Bass) and Graham (Drums) from Adelaide (Australia) who form the indie-dance band The Montreals released the single Rude on the 30th of November.

The Montreals
The Montreals

Opening with a hum of synthesises the track immediately creates a warm flow of air that drifts through the room with an ease of footstep, generating a relaxed ambience through the mind.

Soon skipping up in pace as the full sound floats in to the ears the tautly strung drums enables the beat to spark brightly through the song while the mellowed instrumentation creates the feel-good mood of the composition while a distinctive vocal rounds out Rude to form a track that has a subtly infectious and hypnotic quality.

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Rude – Single – The Montreals is available on iTunes.*

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