Peel Dream Magazine – Interiors – Audio

The New York (USA) trippy-lofi creator Joe Stevens who performs as Peel Dream Magazine released the LP Modern Meta Physic on the 5th.

Peel Dream Magazine

Peel Dream Magazine

A thirteen track album (available on bandcamp) of freshly brewed mellow psilocybin mushroom tea in which to while away far more than its roughly forty minutes running time.

Hushed electronica, gauzy guitar and echoing vocal all lay behind a voile filter, giving the music a sense of emerging from another space and time.

Interiors is the antepenultimate track.

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Nalyssa Green – Τα Μαλλιά Της (Her Hair) – Audio

On the 1st the Greek dreamwave creator Nalyssa Green released the LP Μπλουμ (Bloom).

Nalyssa Green - photo credit - Paris Tavitian

Nalyssa Green – photo credit – Paris Tavitian

A mesmerising approximately thirty six minutes, ten track album (available on bandcamp), in to which the audience can feel their inner being sublimate with each becoming indistinguishable from the other.

The hypnotically entrancing combinations of various instruments, particularly the dream-state theremin and ethereal vocal drift though the room casting their bewitching spell in to which the listener pleasurably succumbs.

The fourth track Τα Μαλλιά Της (Her Hair) being my pick of the release.

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VHOD – Raash – Audio

It is over three years since the Canadian dark-metal project VHOD last featured.



Though there has been a steady stream of new material surfacing, more recently the frequency of single releases has become ever more rapid-fire.

The most recent, which was released on the 3rd (available on bandcamp), Raash is an instrumental piece that has the similarity of the dystopian oppression that is threaded through all the catalogue.

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Beautiful Machines – Bastian – Audio

Conrad Schuman (Vocals / Guitar / Synth), Stefanie Ku (Synth / Backing Vocals) and Veli-Matti Matilla (Drums / Visual Programming), who form the – loosely based in San Francisco (USA) though originally from Taiwan, Finland and the USA –  synthwave band Beautiful Machines are putting the final touches to the concept LP Singularity.

Beautiful Machines

Beautiful Machines

In advance of the album they release part one – Bastian – as a standalone single on the 12th.

Bastian is a dream-sequence of liquid electronica, melted synthesis and sublimating vocal, held in its gaseous formation by the rounded beat of a gravitational percussion forming an aural nebula as transfixing as though captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Beautiful Machines are a trio regularly to be found around the world in performance and on the basis of Bastian, Singularity, appears set fair to further enhance their reputation and audience reach.


Bastian – Single – Beautiful Machines is available on iTunes.*

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Luke De-Sciscio – Lament – Audio

Luke De-Sciscio an acoustic-folk creator from Bath (England) is working towards the release of the LP Love.

Luke De-Sciscio

Luke De-Sciscio

Lament, which surfaced yesterday is highlighted by the intricacy of vocal and the delicacy of the feathered acoustic guitar which when taken together gives the composition something of the feeling of mythical folklore and signposts of an LP which I look forward to hearing more from in due course.


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