St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club – I Still Get The Calls – Video

The Swedish pub-rock quintet St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club will be releasing the two track single I Still Get The Calls on the 20th.

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - I Still Get The Calls

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club

Although it was back in 2015 since last being featured, there have been no releases missed, gaps of two to three years in new material appearing being a feature of the band which goes back to the start of the decade.

I Still Get The Calls, the title and first of the two tracks on the single, (available via Beluga Records) discovers St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club in an upbeat rock’n’roll mood in a track that brings in to play a retrospective air surrounded by dance-inducing tempo that finds the audience joining in arms with smile wreathed faces induced by the infectious hooks and melodies.

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pkwy – Giant – Audio

pkwy, the US slacker-rock quartet, released their début EP – Giant – yesterday.



Their music is marked by the slow measured pace, which even when they are in hurrying mood, minds of a sloth hanging around in the trees, with a calmness spreading through the room.

It is the laid-back thread of the tracks that holds the listener attentive as they offer variations of the theme in both compacted texturing and fence-net sparsity with a wistful melancholic undertow.

A five track release, best enjoyed at dusk laying around a campfire on the beach, (available on bandcamp), which has compelling magnetism leaving the listener wishing it ran for longer than its roughly fourteen minutes.

The opener and title track Giant – being my pick of the release.

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The Holy Knives – Stray Dog – Audio

The US atmospheric-rock duo The Holy Knives will be releasing their début LP Year Of The Black Dog on the 2nd of November.

The Holy Knives - Photo by Jana Cantua

The Holy Knives – Photo by Jana Cantua

Released on the 5th as a standalone single Stray Dog, taken from the forthcoming album, encircles the listener, akin to the aural equivalence of freshly ground coffee beans, with a heady measure of warm woody, earthy layers of olfactory seduction that teases of temptations to come.

The evocative soundtrack layers multi-pivoted guitar, electronica with sliding percussion, expressive vocals and a shadowy polyphonic chorus to create a richness of layered texturing in to which the audience pleasurably reclines.

Stray Dog is available on iTunes.*

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As A Rival – What We Got – Audio

The quartet of Pete Cerni (Vocals / Guitar), Nathan Wheatley (Drums / Vocals), Johnny Beech (Guitar / Vocals) and Paul Trevorrow (Bass) from Melbourne (Australia) who form the indie-rock band As A Rival will be releasing the LP Griefers on the 2nd of November.

As A Rival

As A Rival

The music is a combination of radio-indie and riffs of rock that creates a collection of songs which are able to grab the attention of both audiences and keep them entertained, with sufficient gloss to engage supporters of formulaic hooks while jagged edges of unvarnished splinters retain those who like the speakers to rattle.

What We Got is the antepenultimate of the twelve songs on Griefers, which is available on bandcamp.


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Rackett – Tried To Quit – Single Review

From Sydney (Australia) – the rock quartet Rebecca CallanderAlly GavenAstrid Holz and Kat Ayala known as Rackett released the single Tried To Quit on the 3rd.



The energy can be felt swarming out of the speakers as the punchy tones of Tried To Quit soar through the room.

Unpretentious rock’n’roll always has a primordial connectivity with the listener and Rackett are deft exponents of the theory that less is more, with the audience finding themselves joining in on guitar, drum-kit and vocals even on the first run through of the new single.

Clear some space, turn up the volume and hit play…


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