Violet – Heaven Adores You – Single Review

The English haze-rock quintet Violet released the single Heaven Adores You on the 12th.

Violet - photo credit - Rachel Spivey

Violet – photo credit – Rachel Spivey

Rotating reverb and effects fold one around the other, akin to a solar corona as dawn breaks, with the elongated notes of the three guitars diffusing in to multicoloured fractals, while a brit-pop vocal gives the song a semblance to ’90s grunge and bass and percussion tethering the slowly paced piece like a dragging anchor – as the music fills the room with immersive and ever expanding layers of tripped out rock in to which the listener succumbs their senses to ease away the stresses and strains of the daily grind of life.

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Krom – Laugh Or Cry – Audio

The Cambodia based delta-blues outfit Krom last featured back in 2015, making their latest track, Laugh Or Cry, a welcome opportunity to catch-up.

Krom - Laugh Or Cry


Instantly, on hitting play the gnarled sound emitting from the speakers, is recognisable.

The twisted blues bend through the local influences to deliver a track that once again retains the attention as it takes a sidewards glance at the invidious wanton destruction of sustainable ecological and societal anchors for nothing more than insatiable greed.

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The Smoking Trees – Who Is The Villain? – Audio

The US psychedelia project The Smoking Trees releases the LP The Adventure Continues… in the 19th.

The Smoking Trees - Who Is The Villain?

The Smoking Trees

When last featured in 2016, The Smoking Trees was a duo, now the solo project of Martin Nuñez – though as the album title suggests – The Adventure Continues… with the sixteen track LP being available on bandcamp.

The most recent track to surface from the album which was revealed earlier today, the opener, – Who Is The Villain? – is a trippy-inky Rorschach test in which to free the mind to follow its own unfettered imagination.

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-ii- – Dust Bowl – Audio

-ii- is a the dark-rock duo of Ln Zic and John H. Harrington from Nancy in France.



I am a tad late to this, my apologies to one and all, having had the email sitting around in my inbox since early in the month.

They recently released the LP Lighthouse, which is available on bandcamp. A six track release which has the listener desirous of living in an almost inaccessible dark cave on the side of a rock face to fully enjoy the dank mossy sounds of -11-, with the deep timbre of the songs echoing around the ears akin to a primeval malevolent spell.

The fourth song is Dust Bowl.

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Mending – Julia Is Done With Asheville – Audio

The alt-folk duo of Kate Adams (Vocals) and Joshua Dumas (Piano / Synth / Mellotron / Vibraphone) from Chicago and New York (USA) released the EP We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow ~ Chapter 02: A Few Years In Asheville on the 5th.



As will, rightly, be assumed A Few Years In Asheville is part of a concept piece of work. The collection – We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow – which consists of four hours of music consisting of forty songs – is being released over the course of nine individual chapters which will be released three months apart through to the end of 2019 – narrating the tale of a family, centred around a character named Emma, over a forty year period. The first two chapters take in wide time scales with Chapter 01 covering the first seventeen years and chapter 02 through to year thirty, the final seven chapters – the final decade.

Inevitably each segment is of quite different flavour of composition as the tale unfolds, with A Few Years In Asheville having a wistful melancholia.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) my selection is the dour ballad of the penultimate composition – Julia Is Done With Asheville.

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