Chez Ali – Adore You – Audio

Based in Stockholm (Sweden) – the soft-rock creator Elias Mahfoud, who performs as Chez Ali – will be releasing the EP Buenas Noches Club on the 9th of November.

Chez Ali

Chez Ali

The first track to be revealed of the four on the EP (available on bandcamp), the second song – Adore You – which drifts through the room as though floating on balsa wood has a lightness of texture that belies the intricacy of the underlying composition that melds very busy guitar with harmonised synth, affording the music its soft brush focus, whilst the rumba percussion rhythm finds the listener sashaying through the room to the accompaniment of a smoochy groove of vocal.

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Radio Skies – Do You Feel – Audio

Radio Skies, a dream-rock band  from Ojai (USA), is the quintet of Danny WrightOliwaEthan GlazerEric Sullivan and Erin Sidney who on the 2nd of November will be releasing the LP Double Life.

Radio Skies

Radio Skies

Immediately on hitting play the listener undergoes a process of osmosis becoming as one with the soundscape as the music merges with the mind in luxuriant layers of soft velvet which ensnare the amygdala in the gently undulating compositions.

Do You Feel, the third of the nine on the album (available on bandcamp) attests to a release in which the audience will immerse their mind and body with no desire to be separated.


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Kelly Quigley – Ours (Leo) – Audio

The acoustic-folk creator Kelly Quigley from New York (USA) will be releasing the LP Have You Read My Poems on the 19th.

Kelly Quigley - Photo by Lina Azalea Dahbour

Kelly Quigley – Photo by Lina Azalea Dahbour

Working alongside numerous musicians and a plethora of additional instrumentation on the seven track, approximately twenty minutes, album (available on bandcamp) Kelly Quigley reveals an LP of excoriating tenderness, which draws tears from the eyes through its lamenting journey in which the listener is invited to explore their own angsts.

The penultimate track is Ours (Leo).

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Bruce – What – Audio

Larry McCarthy from Bristol (England) who releases music under the triptronica guise of Bruce will be releasing the LP Sonder Somatic on the 26th.



A couple of tracks from the eleven have been revealed in advance of the début album, which is available on bandcamp.

Both are floor filling shape-shifting sonics that burrow deep in to the mind and leave the audience lost in a trance.

By way of an introduction – the hypnotic primordial rotations of the middle track on the LP – What.

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Loose End – Jordan Street – Video

Loose Ends, an indie quintet from Melbourne (Australia) comprising Jackson Trudel (Drums), Ben Smalley (Vocals), Ben Schmidt (Guitar), Jack Smith (Bass) and Mitch Parry (Guitar) will be releasing the LP Overthinking Everything I Know on the 30th of November.

Loose End - Photo by Bree Wallace Media

Loose End – Photo by Bree Wallace Media

Mixing up their music with both indie-rock and indie-dance the quintet are able to keep a broad spectrum audience engaged with the heavy power-packed riffs and light footsteps.

The first track to surface from the LP – Jordan Street – the closer on the album was released as a standalone single on the 10th.

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Jordan Street – Single – Loose End is available on iTunes.*

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