The Francos – Back To Basics – Single Review

The Australian alt-rock trio The Francos revealed their latest track on the 26th.

The Francos - photo by Madison Small

The Francos – photo by Madison Small

Over time their music has developed in emotional intensity and the newest song Back To Basics, for me, is an exponential step in their progress.

A song which would have fitted squarely in to the Factory Records stable with its harmonics and low slung pace that delivers a palpable sadness which can be felt wiping away its own tear-stains as it emerges from the speakers, yet, in common with the best in melancholia there is an immersive beauty that lays within from which the listener has only a desire to linger for longer and allow themselves to be bathed in the soft glow of the stretched minor chords.

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Jackie Brown Jr – Really Wish You Were Here – Audio

Jackie Brown Jr – the rock’n’soul quintet of Maddy MallisMichael BradyGideon TraurigRhyan Clapham and Ben McDermott from Sydney (Australia) released the LP Over Abroad on the 26th.

Jackie Brown Jr - photo by Aiden Griffith

Jackie Brown Jr – photo by Aiden Griffith

A vibrant seven track release (available on bandcamp) which shakes up the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to create songs that vary both in style and instrumental emphasis that enables them to deliver roughly twenty eight minutes of music that, like a chameleon changes, colour palette and brushes through its journey creating an album which can be both dipped in to one track at a time, though more enjoyably approached in its entirety.

During November and December they can be found out and about across South Eastern Australia:

8th – Transit Bar, Canberra
9th – Soundbar, Rosebud West
10th – The Catfish, Melbourne
11th – Newtown Festival – Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
22nd – 5 Church St, Bellingen
23rd – Heya Bar, Brisbane

8th – The Chippo Hotel, Sydney
9th – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
14th – Front Yard Noise, Sydney

The penultimate track is Really Wish You Were Here.


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Chemtrails – I’ll Never Be – Audio

Mia Lust (Guitar / Vocals), Laura Orlova (Guitar / Vocals), Laura Sumner (Bass / Vocals), Ian Jubb (Keyboard) and David Mayman (Drums) from London (England) form the garage band Chemtrails and will be releasing the LP Cuckoo Spit on the 7th of December.

Chemtrails - Photo by Chris Patmore Music

Chemtrails – Photo by Chris Patmore Music

A six track album which is available on vinyl through PNKSLM or digitally on bandcamp has been preceded by the reveal of the second track on the release I’ll Never Be.

A rockabilly offering through which Wurlitzer effect synth blending with winding country guitar creates a retrospective dance track that merely asks of the listener to find their drainpipes, pencil skirts, Edwardian drapes and brothel creepers before heading out on to the floor.

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Masonique – Status Erratus – Audio

Masonique is the trippy-synth-rock trio of Ron Mason Gassaway (Vocal / Synth), Gerry Hathaway (Bass) and Daniel Morris (Percussion) from Portland, Oregon (USA) who released the EP Island Of Disbelief on the 23rd.



A spaced out four track release (available on bandcamp) that drips from the ceiling as though soaked in sphagnum moss with a faded echoing vocal which adds to the sense of a disembodied being reaching out from the afterlife.

Given the vaguely ghostly air of the compositions unexpectedly rather than leaving the listener with a chill running down their spine, the audience is left in a relaxing space in which to allow the tripped-out waveforms to shape the mind in the encompassing soft-psychedelia, which is no less effective for not utilising a six string guitar.

My pick of the release being the penultimate – Status Erratus.

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Lexa Terrestrial – Too Many Boys – Audio

Melody Joy Novak, based in New York (USA), who performs as the nu-rap project Lexa Terrestrial released the LP Chase Dreams Not Boys on the 23rd.

Lexa Terrestrial

Lexa Terrestrial

A sixteen track album which has a futuristic space adventure atmosphere to the output is both acerbic of wit and inviting of measure delivering an almost hours worth of dance underpinned by a low-current of political charge affording the music both an ever present underpinning diatribe layered by a feel-good factor.

My pick of the LP being the twelfth – Too Many Boys.


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