FreeVibe – A New Day – Audio

The Ghanaian rapper FreeVibe released the LP Upness on the 1st.



An eight track album that mixes up a range of moods from outward looking dance tunes to introspective recollections, yet always of optimistic countenance and a roughly twenty five minutes release which can be brought out at any moment to improve the rhythm of life.

The second track, my pick of the release, is A New Day – which reflects, as suggested on the tin, of the opportunities there for the taking in the grasp of a new dawn.


Upness – Freevibe is available on iTunes.*

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Marlin’s Dreaming – I’ll Stick By You – Audio

Marlin’s Dreaming, the New Zealand surfgaze quartet, released the single I’ll Stick By You on the 28th of August, which is taken from the EP Talk On/Commic coming out on the 18th.

Marlin's Dreaming - photo by @camhay_ photo

Marlin’s Dreaming – photo by @camhay_ photo

Raising even higher, what was previously, a high bar; in I’ll Stick By You (available on bandcamp)  Marlin’s Dreaming are able to create a song which has the hallmarks of a band who should already be well known globally and one can only cross fingers that the EP is able to secure that twist in fate for them.

Subtle shifts of pace and keys through the song change moods and shading in the composition. Anchored around a solid percussion the guitars are given room to display, akin to a peacock strutting, with bass maintaining forward progression with the vocal more than capably corralling the disparate elements of I’ll Stick By You.

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Animal Breakdown – Black Horse – Audio

The English emo-screamo outfit Animal Breakdown are working on the a two track side single for release imminently.

Animal Breakdown

Animal Breakdown

The past few features have been of music which is likely to polarise with some running away as fast as their legs can carry them, others settling back in the chair to take more time – with Animal Breakdown being of the same vein.

I was minded of The Fall, for no discernible reason musically rather, having had a listen to their back catalogue, limited as it is, the common link between the two being that there is no immediately evident coupling between one song and another.

Black Horse (available on bandcamp), which will be accompanied by Parting Glass with which Black Horse may or may not be musically connected when it surfaces so don’t take it as a guide to their sound rather as a piece of music I think adds to the weave of the tapestry of world music by a band I look forward to hearing much more from over time.

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Conus – Han Är Nära – Single Review

The Swedish prog-rock sextet Conus revealed the single Han Är Nära on the 29th of August.



Han Är Nära is an intriguing, margin over eight minutes song, which takes the listener on an extensive journey.

Opening with harmonies of acoustic guitar and flute the memory is drawn to Jethro Tull and tales of faeries only for that thought to be dispelled a few bars later as foot stomping spanish guitar swirls on to the floor all to merge in to a CinemaScope of sound as electronic washes, percussion and the ever changing-shape of guitar threads through the ear, by which time the audience has learnt not to attempt to anticipate what may next be coming out of the kit-bag, which contains a veritable orchestra of instruments with strings, bows, keys, reeds, diverse percussion and a very occasional vocal section surfacing within the imaginative composition.

Not music to hurry off to a meeting after hearing rather a track that allows the mind to wander off in to speculative imagination and become somewhat intractable when logical thoughts are demanded too soon afterwards.

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Patricio García – Monotone Talk – Audio

The Argentinian agit-electronica creator Patricio García is finalising release details of the LP Listen In Awe.

Patricio García

Patricio García

The album comprises of samples and spliced voices to create compositions that cast a scathing contempt for societies in which inane chatter and stunted intellect has become taken as thoughts of deep philosophical discourse.

Many of those making it their life’s work to be in the public eye, of both national and international disrepute, are sampled in to the electronic glitch creating music which is at once both jarring and infectious.

Listen In Awe although of some little while in gestation is right up to date as well as pulling voices from the past including King George VI of the UK whilst more current examples include the Argentinian politician Martín Grande who in the June debate on the legalisation of abortion in Argentina, came up with what he felt was a thought of some impressive logic, perhaps a classic of a very stupid fellow mansplaining in to a meaningless vortex of its own idiocy, that there is some abstract comparison that could be drawn between ladies and marsupials reproduction and if only ladies were able to accept that fact none would want to support the legalisation of abortion.

The first song to surface from the LP Monotone Talk, sets the backdrop for the album and will itself be released as a single on the 18th of October.


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