Ride For Rain – Nobody Can Save US – Single Review

The Australian skater quartet Ride For Rain released the single Nobody Can Save US yesterday.

Ride For Rain

Ride For Rain

Their music is signed-off by the unstoppable, incessant and tight percussion which marks their output out from the very crowded marketplace of US influenced indie-light and enables Ride For Rain to attract a broad-park audience.

Nobody Can Save US, which is available on bandcamp, is a superbly controlled blast of citrus-zing that, like a cold shower refreshes all those it touches in its brief, just over two minutes, run time.  Turn up the speakers and move the furnishings to join in with the infectious good time rock’n’roll.

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Constant Mongrel – Living In Excellence – Audio

The Australian new wave quartet Constant Mongrel will be releasing the LP Living In Excellence on the 21st of September.

Constant Mongrel

Constant Mongrel

Slightly self-deprecating and partly mocking of social mores which delight in denigrating others Constant Mongrel are able to create music which retains a sense of humour while retaining a wary eye on the world around.

Three years since their last release, the EP DCM, and five since their last LP, Everything Goes Wrong, the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) consists of both new songs with a few stalwarts which those who have seen them live will recall, makes a welcome return to a wider audience. The title track Living In Excellence is the eighth song.

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Gnarly Horse – Dopamine – Audio

The Canadian fuzzy-rock quartet Gnarly Horse will be releasing the EP Maybe I’m Certain on the 31st.

Gnarly Horse

Gnarly Horse

A melting pot of gloopy garage meets fiery rock in the out-put which has a raw energy coated in a calming buzz  that minds of the combustion of the sun with the bright, benign appearance belieing the intense uncontrolled furnace raging therein.

The first of the four songs – Dopamine – being my pick of the release.

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hedia – wearedissolved – Single Review

The US multi-disciplinary artist Bryce Hample who performs musically as hedia released the one track plus a live version drone single wearedissolved  yesterday.



Atypically of drone the song rather than being linear in structure is a series of, what are as described in the song title, dissolving pulses.

The studio version is of synthesised instrumentation which launches and builds in intensity prior to fading in to a paused silence before emitting once again –  minding of a slowed rendition of a cardiac cycle waveform.

Typically of drone the pieces are not brief with the studio version running to a margin under twenty two and a half minutes.

The live version, lasting almost sixteen and three quarters minutes, which is my pick of the release – is played slightly more rapidly with the sharp edges of the bow clearly carving through the speakers adding an intensity which is not present otherwise. The more explicit fading to silence is however not as dramatic, making both (available on bandcamp) well worth investing the time to explore.


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Owl Company – Shattered Dreams – Video

The Brazilian heavy-rock quintet, Owl Company, release the LP Iris on the 9th of November.

Owl Company - Shattered Dreams

Owl Company

A change of tracks on the album has seen the single Pieces which featured earlier in the year removed from the release.

There are now a bakers dozen final tracks on Iris with Shattered Dreams being the fifth.

Iris – OWL COMPANY is available on iTunes.*

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