Emily Breeze – Limousines – Audio

The English sultry-rock project Emily Breeze is due to release the LP Rituals in the near future.

Emily Breeze

Emily Breeze

In advance of the full release the track Limousines, which is the third of the eight, will be be released as a stand alone single on the 26th of October and is available on bandcamp.

Those of longer stay will recall Emily Breeze as the lead singer for CANDY DARLING and even though it is over four years since last being featured the distinctive an alluring vocal is immediately recognised.

Limousines serves as a more than adequate introduction to the approximately forty one minutes of the eight songs on the Rituals, taking the listener on an intense and passionate journey which I do recommend intertwining limbs with a partner to hear on release.

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Space Carbonara – Floating Dagger – Single Review

Space Carbonara, the rock’n’roll band from Australia, released the single Floating Dagger today.

Space Carbonara - photo by Alex Dowd

Space Carbonara – photo by Alex Dowd

A track of very different countenance to their introduction earlier in the year, Floating Dagger (available on bandcamp), bounds across the room on toe stomping blue brothel creepers as it hauls the audience on to the dance floor to jive away to the merseybeat / gothic influences of the song as the burgeoning waistline of the bass bends the sub-woofer to the beat of the busy flourishes of percussion while guitars finger across fretboard and the sparse vocal chants hypnotically.

I was enamoured previously and Floating Dagger reaffirms and strengthen my troth.

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flowstate – Breathe – Single Review

The US triphop duo flowstate revealed the track Breathe yesterday.

flowstate - photo by Jungle Bear

flowstate – photo by Jungle Bear

The slowly uncurling electronica and synthesised guitar drifts through the room like blue smoke caught in sunlight holding the listener in its complexities of shape and sedative intangibility. The slow pulse of the music is married with a mellow vocal that, akin to a chamois leather, forms a soft coating to the song further enhancing the hypnotic ambience of Breathe with the listener becoming conscious only of the quiet flow of the three and five sixth minutes composition.

flowstate create material in to which the audience could immerse their mind for lengthy periods, hence a full LP would be a welcome addition to the handful of individual tracks that currently exist.

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Horror My Friend – Wedding – Video

The Australian alt-rock trio Horror My Friend release the LP Home Life on the 21st of September.

Horror My Friend - photo by Mitchell Manz

Horror My Friend – photo by Mitchell Manz

An album which contemplates on the strains of maintaining relationships and a sense of normality when continually out on the road. Drawing from their own experiences as touring musicians the introspective sadness which alternates with adrenaline pumping highs, sense of confusion and conflicting emotions are similarly reflected in many who work for long periods away from home.

Wedding, a fuzzy burrowing guitar led track is the antepenultimate of the nine songs on the LP.


Home Life – Horror My Friend is available on iTunes.*

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Daise. – Sights Of Blue – Single Review

The US haze-rock quartet Daise. released the single Sights Of Blue yesterday.



Soft pillows of billowing clouds circle through the room to conjoin with spiky needles of hail as the slightly angular hints of maths-rock pierce the speakers to the accompaniment of softly brushed harmonics. The counterpoint textures enable Daise. to deliver, in Sights Of Blue, a song which is simultaneously warm of embrace whilst reminiscent of a nervous and awkward hug.

A composition that invites the listener to get to know more and it is with some fortune that word arrives, in the background work is being carried out on an LP, this will undoubtedly enable a fuller perspective of the canvas.


Sights of Blue – Single – Daise is available on iTunes.*

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