Justus Proffit & Jay Som – Nothing’s Changed – Audio

The two musicians Justus Proffit & Jay Som from the USA  have teamed up and will be releasing the retro-rock EP Nothing’s Changed on the 28th of September.

Justus Proffit & Jay Som - photo credit - Kris Kirk

Justus Proffit & Jay Som – photo credit – Kris Kirk

The title track evokes of the warm glow of a three bar electric heater with flattened guitar strings bending the chords around the subdued duo of of harmonised vocals.

Whilst easy on the ears Nothing’s Changed has an intangible magnetism which captures the listeners attention.

Justus Proffitsocial media page

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Perilune – Black Sheep – Video

Perilune is an alt-rock project from the USA.

Perilune - photo by @sans_sarah

Perilune – photo by @sans_sarah

Counter-intuitively although there are audio versions of all the tracks on the ten song collection entitled Rigor Samsa – as longer stay readers know audio is invariably used when there is an option due to its higher sound quality I am suggesting the collection of videos be the focus of attention – this is nothing to do with the music needing a visual distraction, rather because that is how the music is intended ingested – as an aural and visual story line.

Perilune teamed up with The Bastette Group, a multidisciplinary Los Angeles art collective of female identifying artists to explore themes of death, illusion, transformation and personal development.

The fifth song is Black Sheep.

social media page for Perilune.

The video series Rigor Samsa can be viewed on The Bastette Group vimeo channel.

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Ooze – Eyes – Audio

The US trippy-rock band Ooze released their début EP –  PsychoMagnoTheric Slime on the 18th.



A toolbox which includes various guitars, options on vocal, soprano saxophone, bass, keys, choices of drum enable Ooze to create, in PsychoMagnoTheric Slime, which is available on bandcamp, a collection of five songs which offer varied moments and mood to float through the speakers. Meandering psychedelia folds in to knee dipping funk which transmutes to quiet storm all laying on a becalming blanket of soft lens compositions.

The middle track – also the longest coming in at just under nine minutes – Eyes – singlehandedly, best encapsulates the varied styles in its extended journey.

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Odd Beholder – Loneliness – Audio

The Swiss downtempo duo Odd Beholder will be releasing the LP All Reality Is Virtual on the 10th of October.

Odd Beholder

Odd Beholder

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) of drifting melancholia that rotates through the room in gentle undulations which has a sad isolation as the release reflects of a world in which digital pixel connections are, for many, a validation of self-worth.

Loneliness is the third song.

social media page

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Matt Litzinger – City Folks – Audio

The acoustic-folk musician Matt Litzinger, from the USA, released the EP All These Years on the 18th.

Matt Litzinger

Matt Litzinger

Taking the listener on a broad reach of the root elements of folk with celtic, country, blues, Southern and pickin’ featured in varied concentration the five tracks on the EP, which is available on bandcamp, all set to the fragile architecture of acoustic guitar and emotive voice.

City Folks – the second track on the release – being my selection.


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