OneFromTheNorth – Fire In The Darkened Sky – Audio

The Finnish cold wave project OneFromTheNorth releases the LP Darker Times on the 17th of August.



The fourth of the ten songs on the LP – Fire In the Darkened Sky – surfaced yesterday.

The synth which underpins the song burns deeply in to the listeners subconscious creating a dark profile that gradually flowers to what otherwise would be a melodious folklore-metal number.


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Leddie MC – Something Gotta Give – Audio

The English hip-hop artist Leddie MC released the single Something Gotta Give yesterday.

Leddie MC

Leddie MC

The material always casts a scathing look at the world around, on occasion with a touch of sardonic humour, other times of more visceral mood, though always of lyrical wit and adept delivery that never bursts open the speakers, rather gathers its powerful messaging from the understated vitriol of societal structures that are failing for the majority.

Something Gotta Give, is available on bandcamp, word also arrives an EP is in train for release later in the year.


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She Makes War – Devastate Me – Audio

On the 28th of September the English grunge project She Makes War will be releasing the LP Brace For Impact.

She Makes War - Devastate Me

She Makes War

It has been a couple of years since She Makes War last featured, which isn’t quite as lackadaisical as may be speculated as Brace For Impact (available on bandcamp) is the follow-up album to the 2016 LP Direction Of Travel.

The first song to surface from the LP Devastate Me is also the first of the twelve tracks and signals of a release to add to the collection on release.

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Bushes – Sunny Day Mood – Audio

The English haze-rock trio Bushes are working towards an EP for release later in the year.



Eighteen months in existence, Bushes decided to launch their début EP and introduce themselves to a broader audience with a series of singles, the latest being Sunny Day Mood, which was revealed yesterday and is only the third song of theirs to surface.

By the progress since January of last year these are a trio to keep a firm ear out for and get to see in the early stages before ticket prices rises to – taking out a loan – levels.

The music is marked by an uncompromised self-assuredeness that even in recording has an earthy honesty and thereby immediately creates a connection with the audience.

Bushes do not seek to complicate what is at its core a gritty garage sound, rather enhance the echoing reverberations of the material by extending the recoil to create a shimmering relaxing flow and thereby slowing down the pace of the day.

I look forward to following their progress over the coming years.


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Owl Meet Rabbit – Pardon My Interruption – Audio

Owl Meet Rabbit is an emo-folk project from the USA.

Owl Meet Rabbit

Owl Meet Rabbit

Apologies for the late arrival to this one, which has been hanging around in my email inbox and I was waiting for an answer to query, making it a couple of days later than to be expected.

Emo-folk as a genre descriptor? I am aware that my on the hoof genre definitions do result in some pulling their hair out in frustration, though I normally find the more abstract the definition the more readily it describes the music, once again, you will be able to judge.

The lofi hum of the disparate selection of instrumentation in the songs fight with the acridity of the voice resulting in the listener being minded of rubbing a balloon on hair and resulting in a static-electric pull which is simultaneously as irritating as it is fascinating, resulting in either a growing enjoyment the longer heard or a desire to run for the hills and never to return.

I am always delighted by the lesser explored valleys of music, such as with Owl Meet Rabbit, I can only suggest if you aren’t too this isn’t necessarily a site in which you will find much that doesn’t cause consternation.

The second song on the eponymous six track LP, which came out last week and is available on bandcamp, is Pardon My Interruption.

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