Other Americans – Make Me Afraid – Video

The US synthwave quartet Other Americans released their eponymous LP on the 29th of June.

Other Americans - Photo by Mike Alexander

Other Americans – Photo by Mike Alexander

The second of the six songs on the LP – Make Me Afraid – has a mix of the retrospective and current in the soundtrack which combines bright light and deep shadows to deliver a song that has a sweeping elegance which is underpinned by a looming menace in a composition written in the context of the fears and pleasures of trusting to falling in love.

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Other Americans – EP – Other Americans is available on iTunes.*

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Raus! Of My Eyes – Dziennikarze – Audio

The Polish newwave quartet Raus! Of My Eyes release the LP R​!​OME Locuta, Causa Finita on the 28th.

Raus! Of My Eyes

Raus! Of My Eyes

A fiery seven track album (available on bandcamp) which is all over in a margin under ten and three quarter minutes.

An album casting wary glance at the pillars of the state – the opening track takes fire at Dziennikarze (journalists) and reflects a commonality of thought held across many countries globally that mainstream media isn’t widely trustworthy.

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Abstractkultur – How Many? – Audio

The Polish ambient-drone duo Abstractkultur releases the single How Many? on the 27th.



The first song to surface from the three track single (available on bandcamp) is the closer and title song- How Many? which showcases their creative technique, of blending samples, wind instrument, electronica, instrumentation and natural percussion in to softly unfurling minimalist threads of extended music, this track lasting for a margin under eight and seven twelfths minutes.

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Grim Tilla – Eucalypt Ghost – Audio

The Australian desert-blues creator Grim Tilla released the EP Might Be Something on the 29th of June.

Grim Tilla - Photo Credit - Cristina Bevilacqua

Grim Tilla – Photo Credit – Cristina Bevilacqua

A five track release (available on bandcamp) that drifts through the room in quiet perambulation as the roughly twenty three minutes EP captures a primordial connection with the listener, which holds them steadfast in the wistfully melancholic compositions.

My selection from Might Be Something being the hypnotic closer Eucalypt Ghost.

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Ioish – 1313 – Audio

A few hours ago the Indian ambient-rock trio Ioish revealed the LP Reconstructing Dreams.

Ioish - 1313


The six song, approximately twenty seven minutes, album is comprised of luxuriant layers of progressive-rock that build quiet architectural complexities of multi-faceted washes that keep the listener focused within the angularity and extemporised feel of the compositions.

The antepenultimate track is the spectral 1313.

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